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Discover Longview's Top 10 Seafood Hotspots

Longview, Texas, is a treasure trove for seafood enthusiasts. The city boasts a variety of restaurants that serve up everything from classic seafood fare to inventive dishes that cater to every palate. Whether you're in the mood for a casual meal or a refined dining experience, Longview has a seafood spot that's sure to delight. Here are the top 10 seafood restaurants in Longview that you must visit, with a deeper dive into what makes each one special. 

Top 10 Seafood Spots In Longview 

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Find the below spots to get seafood in Longview: 

1. Red Lobster 

Red Lobster in Longview is the quintessential destination for those who cherish well-established seafood traditions. Renowned for its cozy, nautical-themed decor, Red Lobster offers a broad menu encompassing everything from succulent lobster tails and garlic shrimp scampi to their famous snow crab legs. Each meal is served with their irresistible Cheddar Bay Biscuits, known for their cheesy, garlicky goodness that makes Red Lobster a beloved choice for family dining. 

2. New Pier 

New Pier captures the essence of seaside dining with its fresh, straightforward approach to seafood. This restaurant prides itself on serving dishes crafted from daily caught fish and shellfish, ensuring a fresh-from-the-ocean taste in every bite. The ambiance is relaxed and friendly, ideal for unwinding after a long day. Signature dishes include their grilled salmon and homemade fish and chips, providing a satisfying meal in a comfortable setting. 

3. The Catch 

The Catch stands out with its vibrant atmosphere and an engaging menu that encourages diners to indulge in the joy of seafood. This fast-casual restaurant is perfect for those who enjoy a spirited environment paired with a diverse selection of seafood. Highlights of the menu include spicy Cajun shrimp, catfish baskets, and an array of flavorful boiled seafood pots complete with corn and potatoes, drenched in mouth-watering seasonings. 

4. Duke's Fish Shack 

Nestled in the heart of Longview, Duke's Fish Shack offers a rustic yet chic dining experience with a focus on locally sourced ingredients. The intimate setting complements the innovatively prepared seafood dishes. Specialties include blackened fish tacos and seared scallops served alongside gourmet sides like sweet potato fries and sautéed vegetables. Duke's also features a selection of craft beers and cocktails, making it a great spot for a casual date night or a gathering with friends. 

5. Kilgore Crawfish 

Kilgore Crawfish is the ultimate destination for crawfish enthusiasts. This lively spot specializes in authentic Louisiana-style crawfish boils that are as spicy as they are delicious. The communal tables and casual atmosphere make it an ideal venue for socializing while enjoying buckets of seasoned crawfish, shrimp, and crabs. The experience is hands-on and messy, but that’s all part of the fun at Kilgore Crawfish. 

6. Fisherman's Market and Oyster Bar 

With a legacy spanning decades, Fisherman's Market and Oyster Bar is a cornerstone of the Longview seafood scene. This family-friendly restaurant is celebrated for its exceptional selection of fresh oysters, sourced from the best waters. Patrons can enjoy a variety of preparations, from raw on the half shell to Rockefeller. Beyond oysters, the menu offers an extensive array of seafood delights, including flounder, mahi-mahi, and a rich, creamy clam chowder. 

7. Cace's Kitchen 

Cace's Kitchen is a gem in Longview, offering a taste of New Orleans with its Creole and Cajun dishes. The ambiance is warm and inviting, with a menu that features classics like shrimp gumbo and crawfish étouffée. Each dish is prepared with a depth of flavor and a touch of home-style comfort. Cace's Kitchen also offers a variety of po'boys and seafood platters, making it a go-to spot for those seeking a hearty and flavorful meal. 

8. Skipper's Pier Coastal Cajun Kitchen 

Skipper's Pier delights with its unique blend of coastal favorites and Cajun spices. This eatery is known for its innovative seafood dishes that incorporate fresh, local ingredients. Menu highlights include crab-stuffed flounder, shrimp etouffee, and a savory seafood gumbo. The relaxed, yet stylish decor creates a welcoming atmosphere that complements the innovative dishes, making Skipper’s a must-visit for both locals and tourists alike. 

9. The Mighty Crab 

The Mighty Crab offers a laid-back, fun-filled dining experience where guests can indulge in a variety of seafood boils. The concept is simple: choose your seafood, pick your seasonings, and decide on the heat level. The result is a personalized feast served in a bag to preserve all the flavors. With its casual ambiance and focus on customization, The Mighty Crab is perfect for adventurous eaters looking to customize their seafood adventure. 

10. Lil Tommy's Cajun Cafe 

Lil Tommy's Cajun Cafe is a vibrant spot that serves up authentic Cajun cuisine in the heart of Longview. The cafe is small and bustling, with a menu that boasts bold flavors and spices. Favorites include jambalaya, red beans and rice, and fried catfish, each packed with flavor and authenticity. The lively atmosphere and friendly service make Lil Tommy’s a beloved local hangout for enjoying the flavors of Cajun country. 


Summing Up 

These were the top hotspots to try seafood in Longview. If you want to spend a long vacation in the city and want to enjoy a great stay, you must choose a reliable hotel. In that case, don’t hesitate to make Hotel Room Reservations in Longview at Longview Inn & Suites. With ample amenities and luxuries, one can expect a relaxing stay at this hotel. You can make easy bookings with us. To get in touch, visit us at: 

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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What Is The Most Popular Seafood Restaurant In Longview?  

Red Lobster is renowned for its wide array of seafood dishes and cozy, nautical-themed ambiance. 

2. Where Can I Find The Best Fresh Fish In Longview?  

New Pier is celebrated for its daily caught fish and shellfish, offering the freshest seafood options. 

3. Which Restaurant In Longview Offers A Unique Seafood Dining Experience?   

The Mighty Crab provides a personalized seafood boil experience where you can customize your meal's seasonings and spice levels.