Safety Tips

At Longview Inn & Suites, we prioritize the safety and well-being of our guests. Hence, we request our guests to read through the safety tips and instructions to help themselves out of danger in case of emergencies.

General Guidelines

To ensure a smooth and worry-free journey, please consider the following travel advice

Travel Recommendations

Travel Light :Packing light enhances your travel experience.

Keep Your Belongings Secure :To prevent unexpected loss of items, please keep your travel bags and luggage securely locked at all times.

Carry Essential Documents :Before your departure, make sure to carry your passport, driver's license, and all necessary vehicle documentation with you.

Advance Online Ticket Booking :Save valuable time and energy by making advanced ticket reservations to the city's most popular tourist attractions.

Upon your arrival

We kindly ask you to pay attention to the following crucial information

Fire Exits and Staircases :Please familiarize yourself with the emergency exit routes by referring to the floor plan provided on the back of your guest room door.

Alarm Pull Stations and Fire Extinguishers :You will find alarm pull stations and fire extinguishers on your floor. It is essential to be aware of these safety features in case of an emergency.

Turn "Off" Your Air Conditioner :Identify the "OFF" switch for the air conditioner in your room. In the event of a fire, turning off the air conditioner will prevent smoke from entering your room.

In the unfortunate event of a fire emergency

It is essential to remain composed and adhere to the following steps to ensure your safety

Stay Calm :Maintain composure and keep a clear head. Panic can hinder your ability to respond effectively.

Activate the Nearest Fire Alarm :Pull the nearest fire alarm to notify others and alert the hotel staff about the fire. This action triggers the building's fire alarm system.

Close the Doors :If it is safe to do so and the fire is not in immediate proximity, close all doors between you and the fire area. This measure can help contain the fire and limit the spread of smoke.

Call for Help :Use your phone to dial the emergency number (typically 911 or the local emergency services number) or contact the front desk to report the fire. Provide essential information about your location and the situation.

Evacuate :If it is safe to exit the building, leave immediately. Follow designated escape routes and avoid using elevators. Utilize stairwells and stay low if there is smoke.

Take Your Room Key Along :As you exit, ensure that you take your room key with you. It may be useful for reentry and aids in the identification of our guests.

Stay Safe

If the exit staircase becomes filled with smoke or is impassable, return to your room, seal gaps around the door, and await rescue. Use your phone to call for help and inform us of your location.

Handling Smoke in Your Room During a Fire Emergency

If you encounter a room filled with smoke during a fire emergency, it's vital to take the following steps to maximize your safety

Protect Your Breathing :Fold a wet towel into a triangle and securely tie it over your nose and mouth. This makeshift mask helps filter out some of the smoke, providing cleaner air to breathe.

Improving Security Measures :To bolster security throughout your stay, kindly observe the following procedures

Double Locks and Latches :Utilize the deadbolt lock furnished on your door, offering an additional layer of security by preventing the door from being opened with a regular room key. Additionally, be sure to activate the safety latch for supplementary security.

Admittance Precautions :Exercise prudence when granting access to unfamiliar individuals into your room. We strongly recommend verifying the identification of any person seeking entry. If there is any uncertainty regarding their identity or purpose, please contact the front desk for verification.

Crawl to the Door :To minimize smoke inhalation, get down on your hands and knees (or stomach) and crawl towards the door. Staying low allows you to breathe more easily as smoke tends to rise.

Check the Doorknob :Before attempting to open the door, feel the doorknob with the back of your hand. If it's hot, do not open it, as this indicates potential fire on the other side. Instead, seal gaps around the door with a wet towel or clothing while awaiting help.

Open the door Slowly :If the doorknob is cool, open the door slowly and cautiously. Be ready to close it immediately if faced with smoke or heat.

Take Your Room Key :As you exit, remember to take your room key. It can be useful for reentry and signals to emergency responders that your room has been checked.

Navigation through the Hallway :If the hallway is smoke-filled, stay close to the wall and count doors as you crawl towards the nearest exit staircase. This maintains your orientation and aids in locating the stairs.

Use the Exit Staircase :Upon reaching the exit staircase, walk down calmly. Avoid using elevators during a fire emergency.

Travel Tips

Here are some practical travel tips to enhance the convenience of your journey

Ziplock Bags :Include Ziplock bags in your luggage. These versatile bags have various uses, such as containing liquids, storing damp or wet clothing (such as bathing suits), and preventing clothes from shifting or wrinkling due to air pockets.

Dry Cleaner Clothing Bags :Utilize large clothing bags obtained from dry cleaners to separate and organize your clothing items effectively. This method assists in keeping your clothes neat and orderly throughout your travels.

Lost and Found Procedures

If you have misplaced or lost an item during your stay, please follow these procedures

Dial "0" :Contact the hotel operator by dialing "0" on your room phone. They will assist you in checking if your lost item has been found by other guests or staff.

If Unavailable, Call the Fire Department (911) :If you cannot reach the hotel operator or if the situation is urgent, dial "911" for immediate assistance.

Safety Measures During a Fire Emergency

In the event of a fire emergency, prioritize your safety by taking the following measures

Turn Off the Air Conditioner :Turn off your room's air conditioner to prevent smoke from entering.

Seal Doors and Vents :Use a wet cloth to block smoke from entering your room by wedging it under doors and around vents.

Remove Drapes :Prevent fire hazards by removing drapes or curtains from windows.

Signal Your Location :Hang a light-colored sheet outside the window if it's safe, indicating your location to firefighters. Keep a part of the sheet inside the window and keep it wet.

Prepare for Firefighting :Fill the bathtub or sink with cold water for firefighting purposes. Keep water nearby to moisten clothes or clothing for protection.

Do Not Break Windows or Jump :Avoid breaking windows or attempting to jump, as it can be extremely dangerous.

Stay Low :Remain close to the floor where the air is cleaner. Continue firefighting measures until help arrives.

COVID-19 Safety Measures

To ensure the safety of all guests during the COVID-19 pandemic, the hotel adheres to brand regulations and state-mandated rules

Mask Usage :Wear masks in the hotel lobby and public areas for personal and others' protection.

Social Distancing :Maintain social distancing in the breakfast area and all public spaces. Follow signage and staff guidance.

Note : While the hotel takes precautions for safety, it cannot be held responsible for any illness contracted by a guest during their stay.