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Taste Of Texas: Dining Options Near Longview Inn

Welcome to the exploration of different dining scenes in Longview, Texas. Texas is a popular destination amongst tourists with its inviting restaurants and streetscapes. This area attracts food lovers from different areas. So, if you are a foodie and love relishing food from various joints, come to Longview and embark on a fascinating adventure to taste every cuisine. This helpful guide will assist you in your culinary adventure, whether you are a visitor seeking to experience and taste the cuisines of Texas or a local looking to discover the eateries in your community. Come with us and explore the restaurants near Longview Inn for your upcoming trip to Texas.  

Did You Know?

How many eating and drinking places does Texas have? 


Restaurant sales in the year 2019  

$70.6 Billion 

Employment by the food industry in Texas (2020) 

Total 10% of employment  


A Foodie’s Guide To The Best Restaurants In Longview

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Looking for the best food near Longview Inn? Follow our guide and savor the flavors of Texas.  


Fat Boyzzz

The restaurant specializes in American food. It provides you with a menu filled with burgers, shakes, fries and other items. The place is a casual diner-style restaurant. The menu here is full of creativity that comes through their dishes.  

You can try a different variety of dishes here and not forget to save some room for dessert. From the time you enter Fat Boyzzz till you leave you will feel the warmth in their aura. You can also read the reviews before visiting them as the guests praise their food and services.  

Famous Dishes  

Fried Chicken, Chicken Fried Steak, Texas Pie, Cheeseburger and many others. 


You can also order food from here if you want to have food from the comfort of your home. 


You get wheelchair accessibility here for the people. 


They also offer drive-thru and takeout service for those who do not want to dine in.  


The place is good for kids, groups and families too.  


OMG Burgers  

OMG Burgers believes in creating burger masterpieces. You do not have to worry about their taste as they craft their burger with precision and passion. Now is the time to sink your teeth into their crispy patty burgers with lots of cheese.  

They serve burgers that satisfy the tastes of all kinds of visitors. Burgers are not only the star of their restaurant. They also have other items you can choose from. With their vibrant aura and superb food, you can have a great time here.  


They provide reservations for people who want to secure their seats in advance.  


You can trust them with the ratings and reviews they have got. 


It is open 24 hours a day, so come here for your midnight cravings as well. 


Relevant and good space for all kinds of groups and families.  


Long John Silver’s  

This place is perfect for seafood lovers, where each dish is curated with fresh ingredients. You can explore the number of seafood options on their menu. How are they different from other places? They get their ingredients from the best suppliers and make sure that everything is cooked freshly. 

You'll notice that this place is filled with great energy as soon as you walk in. If you are looking for one of the best seafood restaurants in Longview, TX, come here straight away. 


The restaurant provides delivery for people who do not want to come and dine here. 


The place is good for kids and people traveling in groups. 


If you are looking for an outdoor seating area, you should not come here. As they only have indoor seating. 


You also get the option to enjoy TV while having your favorite food here. 


Evergreen Food Factory  

Here, every ingredient on the shelf is kept after keeping the taste and nutrition of the guests in mind. Whether you are a tourist in Longview or a local on a day out, you can always trust their quality.  

You can get good Korean lunch and breakfast options here. Their place is filled with aromas of vegetables, meats, cheese and different ingredients, making you even more hungry. This place has everything to nourish the body and satisfy cravings as well.  

Signature Dishes  

Spicy Pork, Chicken Bulgogi, Beef Bulgogi, Chicken Bulgogi Taco, Chicken Fried Rice, Popcorn Shrimp Roll and others. 

Outdoor Area  

They also provide their guests with airy outdoor seating so that you can enjoy both the food and views. 


Get the option of takeout as well as food delivery.  


Red Lobster  

Do you want to experience the best seafood dining in Longview? Come to Red Lobster. Their menu celebrates a wide variety of seafood options, offering perfect taste in every bite. The dishes here are prepared by the experts with their commitment to quality and culinary excellence.  

The chefs here take pride in showcasing the best flavors and textures of seafood. You can also read reviews from satisfied seafood enthusiasts.  


They offer delivery and take-out options for guests. You can get a parking facility here. 


Red Lobster also provides catering services if you are planning an event or gathering ahead. 


The place has wheelchair accessibility for physically challenged guests. 

Food Options  

You can get vegetarian options here too. 


You can come here with your kids, friends and family. 

We hope that you have enjoyed the delicious food and exceptional hospitality at these restaurants. If you want to eat out near Longview Inn, these would be the best places.  


Farewell To Flavors

By now, you must have tasted the different flavors and cuisines of Longview. But way beyond the delicious food, it is also the warmth and hospitality of these restaurants that attract visitors to them. From friendly staff smiles to professional chefs, make your experience more memorable. Also, if you have reserved your room at the luxurious Longview Inn, then these restaurants are a few miles from the hotel. So, enjoy a tempting meal at the best restaurants near Longview Inn, and return to a comfy space to sleep.  

We hope our comfortable Hotel in Longview, TX, offers you a lavish stay. To contact us or visit us, follow the details here: 


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1. Are There Any Vegetarian Options In Longview? 

Some of the restaurants mentioned above offer vegetarian food. You need to ask them and the ingredients they use. 

2. Does Longview Offer Restaurants With Outdoor Sitting Areas? 

While some restaurants may have outdoor areas for you to sit and relax, some of them only have inside dine-in options.  

3. Can We Enjoy Some Local Food Festivals In Longview? 

You can ask the hotel staff as they might be familiar with the local events.  

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