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Play Long, Play Fun | Escapade Awaits At Longview Inn

Longview is a vibrant place where loads of exciting experiences await. If you’re in the city, we call you to book your rooms at Longview Inn, then escape to the most fun activities in Longview. Multiple outdoor adventures await near our prime location. You need not worry about luggage! While we keep your belongings secure, you go out and revel in the utmost fun and recreation at the fascinating locations mentioned here. Let’s go! 

Demographic Insights About Longview: Know More About The City 

Here are some interesting demographics about Longview before you kickstart your trip here: 



Veterans’ Most Common Service Period 

Vietnam 1469 ± 292 

Employment Economy 

37.9K employed people 

Top 3 Employment Sectors 

Healthcare & Social Assistance (15.2%) 

Retail Trade (13.2%) 

Manufacturing (10.5%) 

Health Coverage 

81.2% of the population has health cover 

(Source:  Data USA

Adventurous Places To Visit In Longview